Jan 20

Roshsan Khatiwade, TMCI Pastor in Nepal

Number ministered to:  60.

Number saved:  15.

In December, we visited mountain with some orphan who are living with us to preach the gospel. We prepared two groups. One groups went some villages from where we have accepted orphan in our Home and another group visited in China border in very high mountains where all the time snow falls. Some villages where Tibetan migrants or refugees lives from long time and none of the have heard gospel we visited with some special trackers. our boys from orphanage shared their testimony and some young man believed. Whole villagers watched Jesus Film at night. People allowed us to use seminar hall of Buddhist priest built by Buddhist Gumba to show Jesus film. People show they are so hungry for the salvation.


We visited one Village where we found one single mother whose husband died due to tuberculosis. She has 5 children none of the children goes to school. they don’t have food eat, no cloth to wear, no place to hide themselves. Their house was partly broken by massive Nepal earthquake April 2015. They are still taking a shelter on it. We tried to provide some warm cloths some food and other. we preached the gospel and whole family believed in Christ.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for the School Projects. Our organization is going to have run school from coming April. We need fund to establish class room of vocational training. We need a fund for science Lab develop at the School. We need many volunteers to teach English language, Craft and more activities. If somebody wants to serve as a volunteer teacher we can provide access for the volunteer visa.

Pray for the orphan we have 5 very poor and needy orphan who are waiting for personal sponsor. They need at list 100$ per orphan per month to cover education, living, food etc.

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