Dec 20

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary in Tasmania, Australia

Number ministered to: 54

Number of salvations:  3

This month I continued the Good News Clubs at St. John’s, St. David’s, and St. Leonards Primary School. We had three new children at the club at St. Leonard’s Primary School. I also continued the lunch time group at Riverside Primary. We had three children come to Christ in November. I also shared the Gospel on Saturdays at City Park.


Praise for the little girl who came to club for the first time and had heard of a Bible, the next week we gave her a Bible, and the next week she accepted Jesus as her Savior. Also, praise for the two other little boys who became Christians in Good News Club this month.

Prayer Requests:

Details to come together for our upcoming holiday club.

Those who became Christians this year and others to use their devotional books over the summer to grow closer to the Lord.

A 13-year-old boy who is moving to the mainland at a critical time of his life with no spiritual support. He wants to Skype into Good News Club so we are going to work on that.

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