Dec 20

Darrin O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Number ministered to:  300

We have been traveling between Louisiana Dallas Ft. Worth and San Diego… Getting to visit with family and friends. Getting to minister at a few churches.

Going back to Uganda on the 28th of December.


Everywhere we have gone, everyone loves Mama Fatuma and our son James, it has been such a Blessing to rest and fellowship. GOD is so good to us. Thank you JESUS!!!

We now have 92 children in our home in Uganda. And the Holy Spirit is always moving!!!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for continued travel mercies as we travel in the US and we return to Uganda December the 28th.

And pray for everything to workout with the church that wants to help up us to build a facility in Uganda to care for the children that we get from the streets and from the police and probation dept. (Uganda CPS).  Pray for the right words to spoken at the ministry council meeting. I need wisdom from ABBA to speak or thoughts and for hearts to be receptive.

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