Dec 16

From Jan Beaderstadt, Nepal and Bangledesh

Sunday mornings has a new sound in

the heart of the tourist area of Kathmandu

as the Thamel Christian Fellowship has

moved to the heart of Thamel.

The morning worship service is in both

Nepali and English. Services are held at

8:30 am at the Third Eye Auditorium on

Jyatha Street.

A non-denominations fellowship, the

first part of the work involves organizing

Nepali Christians in Thamel. As there is

no church in this part of Kathmandu, the

Christians here are scattered to different

churches on Saturday morning. By

bringing together Christians, it creates a

working force to do evangelism in the

tourist area of the city.

Thamel has been developing a bad

reputation for prostitution and drugs in

recent years. Poor law enforcement has

allowed these type of activities to flourish,

giving Thamel the reputation for being the

new Bangkok of Asia.

Rents are very high in this part of time,

with a small room renting for $1000 or

more a month (most rents outside of

Thamel are around $100 – $200 a month).

Rents are high because of the tourism


Now that there is a strong nucleus

forming, they are now working to share

the Gospel with other Nepalis who are

working in Thamel.

Posters have now gone up in area

hotels advertising the Thamel Christian

Fellowship in an effort to reach out the

800,000 visitors from around the world.


“This has been a difficult project to

start,” notes Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, who

teaches every Sunday morning. “The

biggest problem has been finding a place

to meet. Everything is so terribly

expensive to rent, even for just Sunday


Leading worship in Thamel Christian

Fellowship, Kathmandu, Nepal.

With the location now being solved, the

Thamel Christian Fellowship has

organized a praise group to lead music.

Musicians arrive at 8 am and start playing.

At 8:30, the service begins and is done by

9:30 am.

Nepali as well as English Christian

songs are song. The time of teaching is

also bi-linguel.


Coffee & tea popular

Last summer, Renaissance Outreach

Ministries began to sell fresh ground

coffee harvested from Nepal. It proved to

be a popular item, selling over 200 bags

over the course of the summer.

Tea is also quite popular. All of the tea

being sold is from Nepal, and much of it is


The coffee and tea sales helps to fund

the travel expenses for Rev. Jan L.

Beaderstadt. Of special significance will

be the mission trip to Uganda in January

which will cost around $2200.

Travel is a large part of the annual

budget. Every effort is made to take the

lowest price transportation in any mission

field has where they are working.

Currently, Renaissance is working to

be able to provide Nepali tea. It is hoped

an announcement can be made shortly.

Anyone wishing to buy coffee can do

so by writing Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt at

SchoolsofLight@yahoo.com. We can ship

you two bags of coffee for a donation of

$28.95 or more (which includes shipping.)

Tea is also available. Contact Pastor Jan

for more information. Checks can be sent

to P. O. Box 121, Greentown, IN 46936

and made payable to Renaissance

Outreach Ministries.


India Trip Success

Pastor Jan spent over five weeks in

India this fall, training in three different


The trip began in Chennai where he

worked with Pastor Dicrose and his

ministry. They taught pastors first in

Chennai and then traveled to Tada to do a

seminar for rural ministry in that area.

Chennai is in southern India on the

coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is also

believed to be the place where St.

Thomas the Apostle was martyred.

Thomas, best known as Doubting

Thomas traveled to India where he

preached the Gospel and was later


Chennai is a beautiful city with

pleasant beaches and very modern

business district. It is the fourth largest city

in India.

After nearly two weeks of training in

Chennai, Pastor Jan took the train to

Yellamanchili in Andrea Pradesh State to

work with Rev. Sikala Cornelius of Grace

Ministries. Pastor Cornelius has 178

churches in mostly rural settings.

This was probably the most difficult

part of the trip as Pastor Jan developed

pneumonia. Pastor Jan ended up

spending a week in bed under doctor’s

care. Pastor Cornelius and his wife

Theresa took care of him while he

recovered. Even with pneumonia, Pastor

Jan was still able to do some teaching

during the two weeks that he spent in


(Continued next issue)


 Travel mercies for Pastor Jan

 Funds for Uganda Mission Trip ($500 have

been raised, need to raise $1700 more).

 Praise for new Nepali business visa for 3


 Praise for Fr. Luigi’s recovery and return

now to Bangladesh



“An ecumenical ministry training

pastors in developing nations around

the world.”

  1. O. Box 121 – Greentown, IN 46936

For more information, contact Rev.

Mike Murray at (517) 425-4773.

E-Mail: SchoolsofLight@yahoo.com



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