Dec 16

Report from Dámaris Velasco, TMCI Missionary in El Salvador

Grace and Peace Ministry.

Many blessings from above!

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you may have a wonderful time with your family and that you may continue growing in the fruit of the Spirit that only God provides. So that Christ may be shown to those around you and those who see you.

The activities that God has allowed me to be involved during this month of November have been:

  1. November 9th, I went to a city called San Vicente and visited a family there. The father who is a young man has a kidney failure and they have 3 little girls and they are in a very poor situation and we were able to encourage them and give them hope in Christ.
  2. November 10th and 11th, I helped with Compassion to translate for one of the student who graduated this year as a nurse. We had two days with her. We gave thanks to the Lord for it and had fun also together.
  3. November 14th to 18th, I was translating in a city at the east part of El Salvador in a city called El Triunfo. The Baptist Association in my country had a pastor training and they called me to help them out with it. There were 14 pastors of different villages that come to study and they will be graduating next year. I usually help them also.
  4. From December 28th to December 1st, God allowed me to visit Nicaragua. I was at Managua and God provided me with everything. One friend and I had the opportunity to visit a young boy there who is serving God but has low resources. We know Go will use him a lot there in the future. We prayed with him and he felt very blessed because he was going through a very difficult time.

God is always good and he takes us where he wants when he wants, the whole world belongs to him and it is a blessing to know that we are his own. There is nothing better than being part of the vine. It is a blessing to be the branches and let He what he wants with our lives.


Special Prayer Request:

God has opened an opportunity for me to go to ministry training at Miami for four months. Please pray for the finances and for every step that must be done. I feel God is leading me in that direction on this time.  Pray for the VISA and the airplane tickets and also my personal expenses while I am there.

In God´s love,

Missionary: Dámaris Velasco.

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