Dec 16

Lonnie Davis, TMCI Missionary in Canada

Number ministered to:  50.

CNMM National Conference, Richmond Hill, Canada, Nov 3-5th. It was a very successful conference, thank the Lord! We had around 250 denominational leaders, lay persons, and organizations in attendance. It was encouraging and motivational to see so many people come together to share their testimonies, challenges, initiatives, etc., about ministry to Muslims.

Attended the Evangelical Theological Society national conference-San Antonio, Nov 15-17. (My wife & I were visiting my mother in Austin during Thanksgiving, so I took advantage of the opportunity.) The theme of the conference was “The Trinity.” They had a number of sessions concerning Christianity & Islam which were of particular interest and I was able to interact and connect with a number of people who are involved in ministry to Muslims.

Johnson, a pastor and friend of mine, from the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, invited me to join him for his Bridges classes at two churches. He asked me to come and field questions that some of his students had re ministering to Muslims. The questions were heartfelt and the enthusiasm of the class attendees was encouraging. Johnson wants me to partner with him at a number of churches where he is conducting the Bridges course, as well as a follow up course he uses, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus,” by former Muslim, Nabeel Qureshi.

Food pick-up and distribution to low income families and local shelters.


For all that the Lord has done in opening new doors of ministry to Muslims.

For the good health that the Lord has continued to bestow upon my wife and I.

For the Muslims who are hearing the Gospel like never before, and who are coming ever closer to the Kingdom of our dear Savior and Lord.

Prayer Requests:

For my mother, Gladys, who recently fell and broke her hip. My wife and I spent 3 weeks with her during Nov., caring for her. My brother & sister live nearby and care for her, so our time there gave them a little break and we had wonderful fellowship during our visit. Gladys is doing much better now, getting around, going to the hairdresser, etc. But she still needs healing prayer for the complete healing of her hip and cease from pain.

For the follow-up of contacts, new initiatives, etc., to come from the CNMM National Conference.

For my involvement in Muslim ministry-that the Lord will continue to open doors of ministry.

That the Lord will open the hearts and minds of our Muslim friends to His truth-either through the witness of the Holy Spirit, through dreams (which is how many are coming to Christ), and whatever way He chooses to bring them to Him.

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