Nov 28

From Bishop Bawa in Zimbabwe

Dear Bishop Coulter,

I trust I find you well.

I returned to Zimbabwe 25 October a week before our 7th Anniversary celebrations. The celebrations went on very well. We are thankful to God that ICM is growing day by day month by month and year by year.

The church was highly blessed with the coming of Rev. Cheryl Eaton and Rev. Joe Warner. During the meetings the Holy Spirit was so strong, many miracles took place. People living with HIV and other sickness were healed, sight restored, some filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues.

Hopely: I will pick one case, a lady who had double problems eye sight and walking problem. Her legs could not fit in her shoes because they were swollen up, which resulted in her failing to walk. After prayer she started seeing properly, her legs were healed and started walking well. She testified the following day in the service and she testified again during the women’s conference of the greatness of God.

Muda: we went visiting in the village, two elderly gentleman who both could not walk without  using a walking stick, were both healed and throw away their walking sticks. Glory to God!

Women’s Conference:  The power of the Holy Spirit was so strong. People were filed with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues. This particular girl started speaking in tongues and would not stop she went on and on.  A number of people were delivered from demonic manifestation. Cheryl touched many women’s life through counseling and a prophetic word. A lot of them who were emotional broken down left the conference rejoicing hope was restored.

Chicken Game:  It was the first time of our people to play it, at first they were not sure and hesitant participate but at the end they enjoyed it so much they want it back next year.

Picking a scriptures:   God used it to speak to too many women who testified that what the scripture was saying is the truth in their lives.

On behalf ICM we are very thankful to TMCI for the support.

Thank you

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa

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