Nov 25

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It’s always exciting to come to the beginning of the month and look back at all

that God has done since our last letter. At the same time we realize that we have

to be short and concentrate on the highlights. Weather-wise, right now it is 10

degrees Fahrenheit with the prediction of -3 F tonight. Snow has been around for

two weeks. The chilly thing about the house we live in is that the management

company is going to replace all the pipes in our five story house, both water and

sewage. Will take several days to complete during which will be no water and

sewage. So we prepare ourselves to live without water and sewage for a few

days in the middle of low temperatures! Looks surreal.


A few months ago we asked you to pray for a person named Ruslan. He is former

drug addict, freed by the Lord. For months we have been praying about

discernment as to which capacity he needs to serve. This Wednesday he is going

to gather a group of former drug addicts for the first time. Some were freed from

the bondage of drugs and live in this freedom but not attending church. Some

were freed but now back in that bondage of sin. Could you raise in prayer this

brother in Christ and this endeavor that he will be able to lead many and be a

godly leader for them.


Prayer Requests:

As we always try to make our prayer letter personal, this time we want to ask

you to pray for a girl named Aliya. She comes from Tatar (Muslim) background.

She is reading the Bible now and asking sometimes deep meaningful questions

about Christ and his work. Would you raise her in prayer with us as well? I would

say she is pretty close to being saved. We also know that Satan is always trying

to steal such seeking souls when they are very close. Pray for spiritual

enlightenment as she reads God’s Word. That she would see Christ as the only


Please keep us in your prayers as we are going to have workshop for leaders this

Saturday. This is always a special time in our ministry where we seek the Lord

and develop plans that help us to stay on the critical path and do high value

activities. Pray that the leaders may attend without hindrance as some of them

will be traveling from afar.

Thank you to all who keep in contact and encourage us along the way. We would

like to say thank you for all you have done for our family. Thank you for your

participation in the gospel here in Bashkortostan.

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