Nov 21

Leandro Escalante, TMCI Missionary to Dominican Republic

Number ministered to:   400.

Number saved:  12.

Normal church activities this month: Classes at the Timothy School, Cell Group, Prayer Service, Sunday worship services, Timothy Club, Boys Basketball Group, Mercy Ministry, etc., as well as a Parenting dinner/conference for the community.


Our church had a dinner/conference about parenting in October which sold out with an attendance of over 200 people, primarily to non-believers and people who do not belong to our church.

Prayer Requests:

As we update the procedures for integration of visitors and new believers into the church body, may God give us wisdom and His strategies for this season of our church’s life.

In the Dominican Republic it has been raining daily for weeks. Hundreds of thousands of people, especially along the north coast, have been displaced from their homes. We pray for God’s care & provision for all of their needs in this difficult time.

Personally, the house we moved into in August is full of filtration that is seeping up from the foundation on all the walls around the house due to so much moisture, causing mold & mildew all over. We are praying that God provide a different house for us to rent as the filtration can cause sickness, especially for our kids. Jehovah Jireh, may God provide…



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