Nov 21

Special Report from Russia- Bishop Phil Faraone

Hi Bishop Bob,

I have made you wait for this report because it had be translated into English.

In Pastor Michael’s church we did 6 services in three days; one on Friday night, three on Saturday and two Sunday.

WE prayed for three to four hundred people at the Saturday and Sunday services and the Holy Spirit never lifted, the anointing stayed with us and minister to every person that came for prayer. What a wonderful time we had in this church.

The other two churches were smaller, but God moved their also.

Here are few testimonies from our church in city of Saratov: Pastor Michael.

Aleksander. He had problems with his spine (it was so bad that he could hardly walk) and was planned to go to hospital just before the meetings. After the prayer he was able to bend over and straighten up. He was lifting his legs to his chest and walking correctly.

Dmitriy. Fatty tumour that he had for years was gone right after the prayer. He sat trying to find it and it was gone.

Irina. Shewas healed from a deep depression and dejection.

Elya. She was diagnosed with nervious and blood vessel distony. She often had her head spinning and was losing consciousness. She was healed completely and doesn’t have symptoms any more.

Gelendzhik Church. Pastor Anya; only two services in one day because of very high winds which delayed the airplane one day.


Below from Natasha my interpreter who translated this from Russian.

Below is the translation of a letter from Polina, Roman’s wife, with testimonies of God’s work during the ministry you had there.


Dear pastor Phil I’m very grateful to the Lord for your open heart and ministry of the Lord that flows through you. I believe that after the meetings our children’s ministry as well as adult’s will be supernatural and God will help us go deeper in knowing our Lord.

I also see changes in my daughter Julie (12 years old). She started to read Bible in the mornings and evenings, sometimes during the day. And once when I came into the room she was dancing with flags praising the Lord!

I feel that Lord renewed my prayer and my thirst of God. He became my #1! I want Him to be on the first place in my life and in my family. God also healed me from bronchitis and also tight-bone joint. I send my greetings to your family and to Deborah. May the Lord extend your ministry and bless you with all the blessings. Polina. Roma sends his greetings to you.


Also there are few more testimonies from people in the church.

“Praise the Lord for His care and love for the church. And it is great to know that God wants His church to be supernatural church and His children live in supernatural things of God. Very grateful to the Lord for a deep teaching.”

“Slava Demetskiy got a confirmation from the Lord to go and study in the semenary in Moscow” (24 Hours away by car)

His wife Tanya was healed from (thyroid problems) in Belorechensk during the school of Holy Ghost results.” (Oct 2015)

“A lady in our church had so much worries and was very troubled about many things and couldn’t stop worrying. First words God spoke to them were “there are no reasons for troubles and worries” and she testified later that Lord filled her with supernatural peace.”

“Another couple had a problem with selling their car, because there was a serious problem with engine. And when potential buyers were informed about it they would turn and walk away.

The evening you prayed for them God spoke that He makes them rich. And of course this word has a wider meaning, but the same evening the car was sold.”

Two more people were healed from headaches and elderly lady was healed in her elbow joint.

We give all the glory to the Lord!

And we pray and believe that you will follow and trust the Lord even more.

Thank you very much dear brother Phil. You are such a close friend to us. And anointing of the Father flows from you. Thank you very much”.


Sochi on Black Sea.

Sister Deborah ministered two services to the women which were very strong.  All the ladies had a wonderful time. I hope she will be able to go back with me to Russia in the future.

No report from here except two things that I know the Lord did.

God spoke to me and said to pay all the bills of one family.  I asked Natasha my interpreter how much she would think that is.  She said $500.00.  Deborah and me put our money together and called this family up.  Told them what God said about paying their bills and also that this would be a breakthrough for them from this time forward.

The second thing is that God kept saying to this church that change was coming.  He said it several times.

Four days after getting back home to Georgia I call Natasha and she was at the church office packing.  Their church hall and office had been taken from them since the owner of the building had a larger business moving in who would need their space.

She informed me that pastor was out looking for a new location for the church.  This happens quiet often across Russia with different churches who have not been able to buy land and build their own church.


I ended up going out 7 times in 2016 and am now enjoying some home time with just the church.  I thank the Lord that my people back me and uphold me and the church when I am out.

I would ask you to be praying with me for the coming year and for a proper schedule of new events.  The Holy Spirt has moved very strong in all my meetings.  To Father, Son and Holy Spirit be all the glory and the thanksgiving.

I am very thankful for TMCI and all the backup and help that you all have given me.

I think the new year holds great things for all of us who are willing to obey The Lord and walk in His light with Him.

God Bless You,


Bishop Phil Faraone



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