Nov 15

Report and Important Prayer request from Doug and Chris Wilson

Douglas and Christina Wilson, TMCI Missionaries to Dominican Republic

Number ministered to:  100.

We continued with our normal ministry schedule: Teaching, Pastoring, and keeping schools financed. We had Bob and Trisha Koo come through last month and they were a blessing to have in our home. They ministered at a few places in Santiago and La Vega while they were with us. They then drove around the country and ministered in Santo Domingo. They were an incredibly anointed couple and a joy to have here.


Chris has picked up more classes teaching English. Our daughter, Mae, adjusted well to her new environment at school. We had Bob and Trisha Koo come through and it was a blessing to be a part of the ministry they did here in the La Vega area.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for the rain to stop. Please pray for those in the Dominican Republic that have been flooded because of all the rain. There are many areas that have been flooded including Los Rieles in La Vega and parts of Puerta Plata in the north.

Please continue to pray for our finances. We need a $3000 miracle.

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