Oct 31

Important Report from Dámaris Velasco, TMCI Missionary to El Salvador

My very beloved brother and sister:

I want to greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, hoping that the Holy Spirit may be dwelling in your heart, and that you may be maturing in Christ, especially during these times of a hug moral and spiritual decay that we have had to live.

valescoFirst of all, I want to ask forgiveness for delaying almost a year to write. I have done 2 letters but I did not translate them into English and I neither added pictures. The year 2015 was a very difficult year for me in every aspect and I felt tired physically and spiritually. By the grace of God that keeps us in His way and purpose despite our weakness, He has allowed me to continue serving Him here in El Salvador. I have always continued working for His work, knowing that is the only right way to walk in while we are in this world.

On August of the year 2015, the man who was my mentor, best friend, adviser and pastor died: my dad, Dionisio Velasco. God gave him to me during 34 years of my life. My dad got very sick and finally the Lord wanted to take him to his eternal dwelling where now he enjoys of the only place where there is no more crying not pain, at the side of the lover of our souls.

It was and it has been very difficult for me but I give thanks to the Lord that such a thing took me to a deep meditation about my Christian walking and to an evaluation of my heart. His passing away has been now a reason to focus more in heaven that in the earthly things.

I have also meditated a lot in the actual situation of the world and the church and my heart has become very contrite to see how much we have sinned and how close the coming of our Lord seems to be. The desire to be more and more like the Author and Finisher of the faith, the Faithful and True witness, the Alpha and Omega, is now burning in me.

In the present letter more than telling what God has allowed me to do for Him, in His work, my desire is to be able to share and transmit 2 things that I believe that the Spirit wants more from us as children of God:

  1. That Christ may grow in us. Let’s us take care of being more like Mary than just only like Martha.

  2. Desire His second coming. Come, Lord Jesus! This world is destined to get worse more and more. May the Lord keep us faithful until the end!

During all this time I have continue being blessed to be able to work always in different things such as ladies meetings, youth groups, Bible school classes for pastors of the villages, and missionaries groups in different parts of my country. I am attaching here some pictures of such activities.


I hope in God to go back to normal starting from this letter, keeping you updated of each one of the activities that the Lord may be willing for me to get involve to accomplish His plans and purposes for my life in particular as part of the Body of Christ.


Prayers Requests:

  1. I ask your prayers for the Lord to open the doors that He may want for us to enter as ministy and to close all those that are not His doors.
  2. For my health, because right now I am sick of an infection in my urine and respiratory tract. Please pray for my mom´s health as well.
  3. For finances to be able to do a short missionary trip outside the country.


Special Thankgiving:

I want to give thanks to TMCI for his disposition to give spiritual covering to a young adult girl like me, sowing the Good Seed like that in the next generations.


Grace and Peace in the Father, in our Lord Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit!

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