Oct 31

Paul Gonzalez, TMCI Missionary to Mexico

Dear Friends

God bless you,

We continue to Pastor our church in Matamoros. We are now holding only Sunday morning services. We are running 60-70 people.

As far as our helps ministry in January and February we built 12 new homes for needy families with sponsorship from churches in Michigan and Indiana. We also build another home in Oaxaca for a family of mine who lives in bamboo home. That brings the total homes that we have built since 1998 to 486 homes.

In the last two years we have been heavily involved with a church group out of Jefferson City Missouri, and also all of the St. Louis area and I have been doing eyeglass clinics. Both in Matamoros and Tuxtepec Oaxaca area. We have done five clinics in the last year and a half each a four-day clinic and we normally see 800 to 900 people in a 4 day clinic  and donate the glasses that each person needs.  More importantly we have local pastors doing one on one evangelism on the average we have over 250 professions of faith in Jesus Christ but the pastors report that normally they can sense and see the touch of God on about 15 to 20 people that they evangelize with them refer them to the local church.   This is the greatest and most spiritually fruitful work that we have ever been involved in.

Right now I am headed to Michigan and other points to prepare for the fall building projects we have 13 homes commuted this fall and two in the summer.  We have two clinics scheduled in Oaxaca and one possibly in Matamoros.  Ministering and evangelizing indigenous people in the sierra Madre of Mexico.

I am always looking for pastors and ministers and encouraging them to become a part of TMCI Mexico I am in somewhat regular contact with Brother Jim Reyes.


Prayer needs:

    As far as prayer needs we appreciate your prayers the devil is attacking continually against our finances lack of people coming to help the poor of Mexico

   We are doing a lot of traveling into Mexico where it is very dangerous also we have had several pastors come against us because of our work with TMCI.

    My health is better but the hardest thing is that I am not able to remember what is going on I forget a lot so that is a struggle. The devil has also come against our family.

 Thank you for your prayers and your concern over us

Paul Gonzalez

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