Oct 27

Very Important: Darren O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Number ministered to:  125

It seems that there is always something going on with all of the children. And with getting ready for the trip to the US. And I have to say that it is always an adventure here in Uganda.

Sometimes it seems like I get so tired of all of this… Sometimes it is incredibly hard, I can’t even put it into words.

The Lord continues to be Faithful and True!


Two of our pigs just had piglets so now we have 28 pigs total. And also our chickens are producing 300+ eggs a day, our children are able to eat eggs once or twice a week and the chickens are feeding themselves.

Getting to minister this Sunday at the church.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray that our travels to the US go well and that everything goes well in our children’s home in Uganda while we are away. We would really like to visit TMCI while we are there, prayers for everything to fall into place. Our motto is: we walk by faith not by sight… it is true. And our Lord is Faithful and True! HE is I AM! And we depend upon HIM! Prayer is so very powerful!

And my son James 5 months old is getting over malaria. GOD is so good!

Please pray with me about starting a sausage business in the near future. And that we will be able to develop more relationships through the business.


Love and Prayers


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