Oct 19

Important Prayer Request–Doug and Christina Wilson, TMCI Missionaries in Dominican Republic

Number ministered to:  150.

Chris is working very hard at La Vega Christian School and teaching English 4 days a week. She is currently the new (for a short time) director of the English department at the school. Doug is preaching almost every week at El Puente International Church since he has taken over as interim pastor there. He is also trying to keep up with the Haitian schools and their needs. He is also still preaching at Iglesia Nueva Jerusalen once a month. He also filled in at La Vega Christian School this past month.


Our daughter, Mae, is enjoying her first few weeks of classes at Atlanta Leadership College.

The Lord has been moving through our ministry here in La Vega.

We continue to be healthy.

Prayer Requests:

We have had many different situations come up this past month. They have made changes in customs at the airport, our car is in the shop, and donations are down. We have yet to see what the changes in customs will do but it is highly probable that our expenses will go up there. We either have to have increase in our finances (in whatever way that comes) or we will need to look at returning to the U.S. Please pray for our financial situation and direction from the Lord. We believe this is just an attack from the enemy since so much is being accomplished and so much is going on.

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