Oct 17

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary to Australia’s Tasmania

Number ministered to:  53,

This month I was focused on teacher training. CEF has a 30-hour college level course called Teaching Children Effectively which we began for children’s ministry leaders in the area. Also, I conducted a day-long Super Seminar training for a local church that has a Kid’s Club and would like to have a Vacation Bible School. In addition, I continued with four classes of children I teach each week now.


Our first Teaching Children Effectively course was held in Launceston.

Another teacher training, Super Seminar was held at a local church.

Permission was granted for a new Good News Club at a local primary school.

We were invited to do a Christmas program for an entire school about the Jesus part of Christmas.

Prayer Requests:

Pray that children will be drawn to the Good News Club starting at St. Leonard’s Primary School.

Teachers who were involved in TCE that they would continue their enthusiasm and be able to put into practice what they learned.


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