Oct 17

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Harvest Festival prayer for kids before dismissing for Sunday school

Harvest Festival prayer for kids before
dismissing for Sunday school

It sure seems like a lot has happened since our last prayer letter to you. And,

indeed there have been some big events at Ufa Bible. Thank to those of you who

prayed for Harvest Festival. It resembles Thanksgiving Day in many ways. It

always great opportunity for family members and friends to get to know the

church and hear good news about salvation in Christ. It went well with the

beautiful decorations of fresh produce on tables up front. The message was

about abiding in Him in order to bring fourth fruit in every area of our life. One

family continued to attend Sunday services after Harvest festival.


Continue to pray for our ESL school as we clearly see the sings of struggling

economy. The thought has often hit us that the task ahead is overwhelming. But,

we are reminded that God is in control in many areas of our lives. He still

supplies. He will bring fruit in due time. Our part is simply be faithful. So, please

don’t forget to uphold us in your prayers. We continue to equip and invest in

lives, and many of them are young people. We praise God for the opportunity to

be ambassadors of the New Covenant which surpasses in glory the Older One.

We tend to think we are mere people wearing mere clothes, speaking and acting

the same as any earth citizen. But we know the reality is that He made us able

ministers of reconciliation, not of the letter but of the spirit.


Writing another chapter,

Stanislav Karpenko


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