Oct 17

Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer, TMCI Missionaries to Nicaragua

Number ministered to:  2,500,

Number saved:  10,

Because we were out of the country we have only received the report of one of our pastors:

Pastors Carlos and Veronica ministered to 483 persons in their churches. Ten (10) people accepted the Lord. They evangelized 1123 students in the public schools of La Paz and Diriamba.

Pastor Carlos also traveled every Friday to distant cities doing leadership training.


  1. God provided for our time in the U.S. and for provision for Emmy while we were away.

  2. We received a renewing and refreshing at the Conference.

  3. We returned to Nicaragua with renewed emotional and physical energy.

  4. The pastors in our ministry are expanding their territory.

  5. Our home in Florida was not damaged by the hurricane and we were able to get back to Nicaragua last Tuesday.

Prayer Requests

  1. Provision for our ministry including our Kindergarten in Nicaragua.

  2. Provision for ourselves.

  3. New paperwork for Emmy in that we can correct her birth certificate and be able to adopt her.

  4. That her Lupus goes into remission.

  5. That Glenn’s Diabetes goes into remission.

  6. That God direct our steps and thoughts. That He closes the doors that need to be closed and open the doors that need to be opened and, at the same time, give us an understanding of what He is doing.

  7. That God move in the minds of the Christians in the United States to recognize who He has anointed to be President for such a time as this since God uses those whose hearts and minds are open to Him no matter what their faults and even uses those who don’t know Him to achieve His ends.

  8. Prayer for the flood victims of Hurricane Matthew in the U.S. and the islands.

      9. Prayer for a coming together of all races in the U.S. for the common good and that the enemy in the form of hatred and violence be crushed under our feet.

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