Oct 04

Chris and Larena Johnson, TMCI Missionaries to Galway, Ireland

Hope Ireland Missions,

Greetings loved ones! Hope all is well with you. This

month is one of my favorite months. It’s the month my lovely

wife was born (what would I do without her?), it’s the month

we head into a new school year, and it’s the changing of a new

season. There are so many amazing things going on right now

that have me super excited to share with you all, I don’t know

where to start. First, I’ll tell you about Larena’s birthday.


For those of you who don’t know, Larena is the most

amazing person I’ve ever met. She’s selfless, hard working, and

cares about everyone she meets like a mother hen looking after

chicks. She’s amazing. So, this year I wanted to make her

birthday something special. She also didn’t have the best day

on her actual birthday, so I arranged a special party at Torch

for her. We had service as usual, but I made sure she didn’t

have any responsibilities for the night. I told her to just put her

feet up and rest. What she didn’t realize was that my message

that night about honoring others was all about her. I had a nice

comfy chair on the stage for our “special guest,” whom I told

her was there for this special occasion. She thought it was a

visitor from back home. When I told her she was the special

guest, she was seriously confused. But, we had her sit down on

the seat of honor as we played a video I made just for her. It

was a video of compiled footage from many of our friends and

family, saying how much Larena means to them. She was not

only surprised, but she was so moved by it she was weeping

through the whole thing.


Afterwards she told me how much it

meant to her, and that it was exactly what she needed to feel

recharged. See, I think it’s important to honor people and love

on them in great ways like that because when they give so much

of themselves, they need to know how much they’re

appreciated. Now, if you didn’t get a message from me about

sending in a video, it was because I was scrambling to get as

much together as I could before the Friday. In fact, I had such

an overwhelming amount of people who love and appreciate

Larena, I had quite the challenge in limiting the edited video to

8 minutes. But don’t worry! She saw them all!


The great thing about the night that we did this

special honoring, was that it was one of the first Torch services

of the new school year! It was a great way to set an example for

the youth. In fact, the message of honor was so contagious

that many of them began to tell others how much they appreciated

them. Another thing that’s exciting about this new school year is

the growth we’re seeing! We’re seeing a handful of first-year

students come in excited to be a part of Torch. We’re also seeing

our older ones being bold and inviting their friends. It’s so

exciting to look back on where we started off a year ago, and where

we are now. I feel honored to be able to put together messages for

these guys that will strengthen them in their faith.


Another thing I’m super excited about is where we will

be going with our young adults ministry. For years we’ve been

cultivating this idea of cyclical discipleship. Basically what that

means is that as the younger youth grow up and mature into

strong followers of Christ, they will then teach and set the example

for the younger ones that are coming up. It’s a cycle that we hope

will continue through generations and build the church up in a

great and healthy way. Initially, I thought it would happen within

the youth program. However, we ran into obstacles such as

transportation issues, schedule issues, and of course the fact that

during their last two years in secondary school, they’re so

focused on diligently studying and preparing for the hardest

exams of their lives (the leaving cert), many of them simply fall

off the planet for months. So, after much prayer, we felt that the

solution lied within the development of the young adults.


This past year, as we began the Torch worship services,

we had many of the young adults step up and become leaders.

We’ve seen much growth in them, and also much of that cyclical

discipleship take place. For the past year we’ve been able to

provide an atmosphere of worship and solid teaching for the

youth, we’ve just seen them grow leaps and bounds in their walk

with God. This is what we want to now strive for with the young

adults group. It is with great pleasure that I get to announce that

we will be launching a young adults worship service called “Salt”

this winter. It will be a service much like Torch, but designated

for college students. Galway has multiple colleges spread about,

and we feel like this ministry will give us the ability to reach out

to many unsaved young people, minister to our current young

adults better, and provide the space for growth that we wouldn’t

necessarily be able to do if we just met at our house like we have

been. This is an exciting time for us, and an exciting time for

ministry here. Pray these things go well! Til next time! Chris


Prayer Request:


Please keep praying we

will reach unsaved youth,

and young adults! Our

hearts are to keep bringing

the Gospel message to



Please pray for the 11

people who were baptitzed

last month, and the 4

people who gave their

hearts to Jesus—that they

grow in their walk, and in

turn bear fruit!


Please pray BLESSINGS on

ALL of our donors! (Yes

YOU) as we are SO

thankful to be able to do

this work–and YOU make

it possible! God is doing

amazing things, and using

you to accomplish them

here! Thank you for

praying, for standing, and

your great generosity It’s

changing lives here!!


If you would like to team

up & contribute to this

important mission, please

make checks out to:


Hope Ireland Missions

229 W. Exchange St.

Crete, IL 60417


(Chris & Larena Johnston

on the memo line)

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