Sep 30

Report from Rev. Kevin Rosendahl, TMCI Missionary to Mexico

September 2016 Report.

Dear Friends of GCOM,

It was good to see many of you in Minnesota. Thanks to those who encouraged me and thanks for your prayers! Thanks also for the opportunity to speak in many supporting churches.

mex-crusadeMy mom, dad and I drove down together to Laredo, Texas in mid-August pulling my heavy trailer full of ministry supplies. My parents then blessed Sylvia, Joshua and me with a stay in a timeshare with them for 10 days as they attended my dad’s Army reunion. It was a quality time together and we thank God for this opportunity. I then headed to Mexico to cross in the ministry supplies to Nuevo Laredo. I went to Monterrey as I had been asked to do children’s outreaches and evangelistic crusades in one of the poorest areas in Monterrey. Pastor Alejandro Quiroga and his church believe God is leading them to start a new church in this neighborhood and this was the kick-off event. Most of the people in this area live in pallet houses and have great spiritual and physical needs.

I had the privilege to minister over a radio station which is broadcast all over Mexico. God has opened many doors to spread the gospel message!

I had the privilege to minister over a radio station which is broadcast all over Mexico. God has opened many doors to spread the gospel message!

I conducted three crusades and three children’s outreaches and they all went extremely well as we had overflowing crowds of people at each event. Over 300 people of all ages prayed to give their lives to Christ and God touched many people physically and emotionally as well. Each child received a nice toy, a bag of school supplies, a bag of candy and a full-fledged meal provided by two friends of the ministry. It was wonderful to see the smiles on the children’s faces as they received their blessings! Each family also received a New Testament and each child received a children’s book sharing more about salvation. The youth each received a book about healing life’s hurts through Christ. Restoration Christian Center, the name of the church in English, will follow up with these new believers to further disciple them for Christ.

Pastor Quiroga is also in the process of distributing the blankets, quilts, beans, tools, etc. that we did not give out at the event. The church also plans to minister to the children once a week and will furnish a meal to everyone who attends.

In December we will be doing our Christmas outreaches and so please pray about helping GCOM with new or good used toys, blankets, hygiene items, school supplies, beans and rice, school supplies and Spanish Bibles or New Testaments. These can be donated to the ministry or money can be donated to the ministry for the purchase of these things in Texas. We will need these things, ideally, by mid- November. Please also pray for God to guide us as to where to do the outreaches and pray for many people of all ages to come to Jesus.

We are planning on attending a conference in Keystone, SD called “The Keystone Project” where people from all over the world come to be trained on “Disciple Making Movements” and church planting through reproducing discipleship. We will be going to learn but also to help translate as forty ministers from Latin America are coming to the conference. Please pray God uses this conference greatly in our lives and ministry as we are already doing some of this training in the ministry of GCOM but feel this full-fledged training will prepare us to be more effective in the area of reproducing discipleship and starting “Church Planting Movements” throughout Mexico and the world.

Thanks to all of you for your friendship, your prayers for the ministry and for financial support. Our committed monthly support is still substantially less than the amount we need to do the ministry so we continue to trust God to make up this difference however He sees fit. If you are not already helping GCOM out as an intercessor or as a financial supporter, please pray about becoming involved. We are a faith ministry that totally relies on the prayers of God’s people and the provision of God through His people.

May God bless you abundantly in every area of your lives and may He become more and more real to you each day. We love and appreciate all of you!!

Serving Christ,

Rev. Kevin Rosendahl

Director, Grace Christian Outreach Ministries205 Wildwood Avenue
Madison, MN 56256
Phone: 320-598-3094

Prayer Needs:

– For all those who gave their lives to Christ during the crusades to become disciples of Jesus

– For the new church that will be starting from the outreaches to impact many lives for Christ

– For the Christmas outreaches to be a blessing to many thousands of people and for many to come to Christ. For GCOM to receive all the ministry supplies needed for these outreaches

– For GCOM’s monthly support to continue to be strengthened

– For God to raise up more intercessors for GCOM

– For Sylvia, Joshua and my health and for strength to do the ministry

– Wisdom in discerning God’s will in every decision

– Continued strengthening of family

– For Joshua to have a good attitude about school and to do well in school. He is a sophomore now

Ministry Needs:

– Large tent for evangelistic outreaches – $3,000

– Toys, blankets, hygiene items, school supplies, Spanish Bibles, etc. for Christmas outreaches

– Used car for a pastor who is a part of GCOM as hers was destroyed in an accident and this is greatly affecting her ministry and family. We can give you a receipt for tax deduction for the donation.

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