Sep 26

Doug and Christina Wilson, TMCI Missionaries in Dominican Republic-

Number ministered to:  100;

Chris continues with teaching at La Vega Christian School. This is a real joy in her life. Doug continues to do administrative work and teaching the Word. We are also teaching English…Chris started back up with the little girl she teaches and we continue with another woman.


This past month we had a financial miracle. We have seen some ministry expansion. God is providing daily for our needs.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for strength. We are working in some new areas of ministry (as well as continuing with the old). We have been physically tired as some of this is physically taxing but there is a lot of emotional and spiritual fatigue. This is the most difficult.

Financial Prayer Requests:

Along with this we still are having the financial struggles. We have seen the Lord come through in our daughter’s school bill and are continuing to believe Him that this will be paid each month. We had two unexpected donations which have gone a long way in helping this month, we need to see God continue to supply.

Please pray for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Thank you,

Doug and Chris

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