Sep 26

Leandro Escalante, TMCI Missionary to Dominican Republic

Number ministered to:  350;

Number saved:  4;

August 11 we returned to the Dominican Republic where we moved to a different rental house for our family as well as immediately resumed ministry responsibilities: pastoring new believers, leadership of church services, cell group, Timothy school (Pastor Leo leading chapel time and teaching P.E.) and club, worship team, mercy ministries, etc.


We had a good month stateside visiting family, friends and supporters & mid-August returned to the Dominican Republic. God has continued to bring new Brothers and Sisters to the faith and we consider it a privilege to walk alongside and help pastor these new believers.

Prayer Requests:

Please join us in prayer as we plan and reorganize the ministry in our church for the new believers and even visitors. May God give us direction, strategies and provide all the resources needed to be effective in this ministry in this season. Every week we receive visitors and there are almost continually people coming to Christ, may God direct us in how to pastor them (many come very “damaged” from life without Christ, may He restore each life!).

Personally, we returned to the Dominican Republic on August 11, moved into a different rented house on August 12, and since then have been facing different trials financially as there are many broken things we are constantly repairing. We have also been dealing with illness. May we consider these trials pure joy.

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