Sep 09

Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer, TMCI Missionaries in Nicaragua–

Number ministered to:  92;

Pastor Carlos : Assistance: 250 Conversions: 4 Assistance at home churches: 7 days per week Youth Service: weekly.

Pastor Mariano: 10 early morning services and 19 regular services 5 prayers services. 1 evangelistic service with 4 pastors and 100 attendees. I funeral. Sunday school. Visited 30 homes and reached out to 6 persons privately. 68 people reached by telephone. Preaching at 12 bus stops, evangelism in 2 buses. 3 pastoral visits, 1 hospital visit where 12 sick people were prayed for. 7 nights of prayer. 6 missions trips within the area. 1 campaign where 900 attended 36 were healed, 15 churches participated. 7 days of fasting and prayer: 48 souls redeemed. 5 pastors seminars. 2 conferences with 150 attendees including 4 churches, 15 pastors, 25 leaders. 1 presentation of a child.

Have not received reports from our other pastors who represent 15 churches.


  1. The Lord is providing for our ministry trip to the U.S. and SC.
  2. Emmy is getting healthier and healthier.
  3. Our pastors are dedicated and active in their churches and in outreach.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Complete and quick healing on my right wrist and arm. I fractured it three weeks ago.
  2. Complete healing on Emmy’s right knee. She slipped and fell yesterday. Also, for both her legs, because she pulled the muscles.
  3. That our lawyer and ministry pastor be able to resolve the situation with Emmy’s paperwork for her adoption.
  4. That our house will sell for the price we are asking and that it sell quickly.
  5. That God’s guardian angels are around Emmy protecting her while we are in the U.S.
  6. That the items we are selling including our microbus sell quickly to help us pay off debts.

7. That from now till the end of the year we are able to pay off all outstanding debt so that we can remove ourselves from the administration of Casa Mateo Missions House.

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