Sep 08

Great Report from Darren O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda–

Number ministered to:  300,

Number saved:  2,


Praise GOD!!! In the last month I traveled to Tanzania with a brother from Texas. Got to minister the Gospel in Mbarara at two different churches. Holy Spirit was there and called a Muslim woman into the kingdom. Many came and received prayer. It is so wonderful to serve our Lord Jesus!

Got to minister to a family in Jinja and pray over their property and some things that were trying to interfere with the Lord’s work. As we were having fellowship and having a meal a neighbor came over and asked the Jesus to be Lord of his life.

I get to minister to demon possessed men and women in Masaka town from time to time. Everyone looks at me like I am crazy when I go up to these people and pray for them when I can and feed them, and show them the love of Jesus. HE came to set the captives free! Praise GOD!!! And I am Mulalu for Yesu (insane for Jesus)

One of these men that my wife and I have been ministering to for the last several years. He was delivered from a very angry spirit a few years ago, and we have been talking to him and praying with him for a long time… Just last week he let us get him clean clothes and clean him up and we took him to a church where he got to stay for three days, he asked Jesus to be Lord of his life. And he is in his right mind!!! Praise JESUS!!! HalleluYAH!!!

Now he is staying with us and his life is on the mend. I have a vision of John (that’s his name) preaching the Gospel in Masaka town- being a witness to our Lord’s sovereignty in this realm, to everyone that saw him and knew him before…

A few years ago when the Lord delivered him from that angry hateful demon even the Muslims were telling me to pray for him in Jesus name… I had already prayed for him and did not want to again. At that time John walked into the middle of the street and knelt down so I could pray for him… He has been on my heart since that time.

Please everyone pray for the Lord to continue the work HE has started in John’s life, to turn all of the things that the enemy has intended for evil in this man’s life to good for our Lord Jesus’s glory!!!

And our children (right now we have 80+ the number goes up and down), some of these children have gone through things that we can’t even imagine in the US… we get them from the streets and the police and the probation department (Uganda CPS) we don’t call it an orphanage even though some of these children will be with us until they have trades or complete school. We try to restore the families when we find out where the village is they are from… sometimes it is possible and sometimes not…

As the children stay and a lot of them are from Muslim families we teach them about Jesus and prayer (we definitely believe in prayer) the Holy Spirit starts healing them spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Prayer and lots of love! We are called Love and Care For All!!! Our website for the home is loveandcareforall.org

Prayer Requests:

HalleluYAH!!! My wife is going to get her visa tomorrow from the US Embassy in Kampala. And my son is going to get his US passport in the next week. Please pray that the funds come in for this trip, haven’t scheduled the trip because we were not sure about my wife’s visa. We hope to visit by the end of November, I am having to reschedule my flight so that we will be able to fly together, and the cost is increasing. Please pray for the funding to come through. Our Lord is our source in all things!

Please pray for strength for me there is so much going on… I always am feeling tired. I am so thankful for all of the prayers, our prayers are so powerful.

Thank you everyone!

Love and Prayers,

Darren, Fatuma, James, and our children!!! HalleluYAH!!!

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