Sep 08

Arlene Reitz, TMCI Missionary to Guatemala-

Number ministered to:  19;

God is faithful, and I praise Him for bringing the women in to learn how to pray. We will continue on the path as the Lord leads. We ministered in the church though it is unfinished, we ministered to the women. We won’t have a tea in September as Guatemala will be celebrating their Independence Day on the 15th. The places is overrun with a kinds of preparations, then the actual set up goes on wor many days before and after the 15th and some of the roads are closed, and all roads are jammed with people coming into town to sell or buy.


Praising God that we had really good weather for our tea. It had been raining heavy for days before, but it cleared up and we were able to go and minister to the women in Xecam. Praising God that Bernice was able to come and help me on the field, especially in the office and with the Ladies Tea. The women are really open and eager to learning how to pray.

Prayer Requests:

I appreciate your prayers for complete healing. Fighting symptoms for some time with pain in left hip, joints and leg muscles. It makes it difficult to drive and stand for lengthy periods of time which makes it hard to minister, although I have done it for many months. Only God’s Grace strengthens me each time. I am going on in faith, but would like to be pain free again.

Also appreciate your prayers for Pastor Antonio and the church.

Thank you.

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