Sep 06

Hannah Hunter, TMCI Missionary to Kenya-

Totals for the Month; Number ministered to: 35,

This month I hosted a fellow missionary to east Africa. She has work in Uganda and Kenya. We shared and encouraged each other as women leading ministries.

We also hosted a young woman who works for a federal agency in DC. She has been to Uganda and is looking to go back. She is planning to establish a foundation. She wants to build an orphanage and school. We are doing a seminar together which we are still working the logistics.

Had opportunity to sow into another ministry that is going to Israel in Sept. with rings of gold and silver sized for the Holocaust survivors. They will place them prophetically on their fingers to restore the wealth that was stolen during Holocaust.

Also my accountant has her daughter with 4 children (whose husband abandoned them earlier in the year) living in her renovated garage. A fire totally destroyed the home and everything in it. These young children- all under 8 saw this. We were able to give them a gift to assist them to get some things for school and clothes.

One of my spiritual sons came and helped me with my computers things- website updates, newsletter template, and generally just catch up with each other.

I spent 5 weeks teaching the men in my church on a Sunday AM during Sunday School hour. I was so blessed to encourage, share, and challenge. Most all of them serve so faithfully. It was a great privilege.

We had a good business board meeting with the restructured board. God is moving us in alignment with HIS purposes.

Have been doing some ministry altar when invited. Saw some miraculous answers to prayer as people unburdened hidden things. Also I was privileged to pray with our assistant pastor’s wife in her home as she is being released from cancer.


1)   GOD has raised up a working board who is stepping up to help with the vision of TSH. My pastor offered to give apostolic oversight and advise. A blessing I did not even think would come. Oh me of little faith.

2)  Volunteers who came to offer services for the seminar in September. We hope to raise enough for our missions. Am helping a younger missionary to get her foundation set up.

3)  GOD is moving in all our lives within my household as we plan a wedding and discuss what to do with the family homestead. HE is doing more of an internal work to push us from our comfort to HIS purposes.

4)  In conversation with the openly gay doctor I saw the demons waiting defensively to pounce. I did not give them that chance. His heart beats with mine for the people in the third world. We continue to share knowledge and connections.

5)  My neighbor Marlene with cancer listens and sees HIS love and care through our hands and feet. She has been getting such good reports when she has stage 4 bone cancer per doctor.

Prayer Requests:

1)  Got called for jury duty day before TMCI. My travel day. Requested release.

2)  Dan’s visa interview appt. not until end of October. Pray for HIS timing. He was going to leave for Kenya early November. Hard to do arrangements for his ticket and travel to coordinate with mine while in Kenya. We trust GOD for all the timing and HIS will and way.

3)  Doing a seminar with another missionary- Getting Unstuck end of September for women. GOD to bring those who need this.

4)  Continued prayer for son’s wedding and for selling of my house to them or we all just scatter and find our own places.

5)  HIS love to prevail as I am in conversation with an openly gay doctor who has resources for my work in Kenya. Balance love with how to utilize skills without defilement.

6)  Neighbor Marlene Smith who has bone cancer.

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