Sep 06

Joy Dodd and Jen Cook, TMCI Missionaries to Honduras-

Number  ministered to:  30,

In JTTN’s Bible Institute (BI) we are in 6 locations where the pastors wants to lead and be a part with their churches. JTTN stays connected with the elderly each quarter, visiting with supplies, and ministering in ways that show them love and kindness. And we love to net-work with other missionaries within the nations. Joy is receiving an individual that will travel with her from the US and prayer as she goes…her ministry is one of intercessory prayer and she hopes to bring a team in the 2017 year. So it is a scouting trip for her…Sept 4th through the 8th. Discipling of the kids in the Mountain Orphanage was done for the last 5 years and in the month of August, we brought formal closure to this ministry site with JTTN Board approval.

On-going administration/planning for a fall furlough stated in June of 2016 and Jen Cook is presently in PA furloughing and canvassing with individuals, couples, small groups. Joy Dodd begins her furlough 2nd week of Sept. starting in VA/D.C. with friends of the ministry. JTTN Missionaries, Joy and Jen are looking forward to attending the fall conference in September in S.C. with TMCI. Joy and Jen have increased time as a team with being in the Word studying together and also soaking in His Presence and receiving words, picture visions, direction relative to life and ministry/calling. We are grateful for Divine downloads from Heaven as we navigate ministry and life with Him in the lead as a team of missionaries in the foreign field.


That we continue to be in the right place, at the right time, around the right people, doing the right things, with right heart attitudes, yielding right results, Amen and Amen! That we stay open and sensitive to His heart and timing on seasonal changes in ministry, never tiring of change as adjustments and divine tweaks are made on a regular basis. That we continue hearing Him and not miss a single thing that He has for each team member and the JTTN team and Board as a whole.

Prayer Requests:

For continued excellent health and breakthrough in areas of our lives. More clarity inprophetic dreams and ALL demonic “static” to be eliminated in His Name. Absence of strife, contention, friction as we talk through many things spiritually and physically and as the JTTN president keeps the vision before the rest of the administrative team. For continued wisdom as we need to walk out ministry in His timing with in the various projects. *For a “spirit of longevity” as we navigate the seasons in our personal and team lives. That we keep in step with His timing and make any future ministry moves spiritually and geographically, at the proper Kairos moment. That we exercise great wisdom and great grace and that He keeps us pure, blameless and holy according to Scripture as we walk closely with the Lord. Amen and Amen. Thank you!!

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