Aug 24

Important Prayer Request from Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, President of Renaissance Outreach Ministries


Christians experience new oppression laws in Nepal this summer

     After over a decade of religious freedom, the new Nepal Constitution has been colliding with old anti-Christian laws that are on the books. Most recently, a recent graduate of Blessed Bible School was arrested along with four others for teaching children about Jesus.

      Nepal was officially a Hindu kingdom before 2008 when the monarchy was replaced by a secular government. Old anti-Christian laws were no longer enforced, but remained on the books. Now, funda-mental Hindus are creating new problems for Christianity in the country.

     Official government statistics continue to list Christianity as 1% of the country, but the rapid growth of the faith in the last 15 years has caused fear among the fundamental Hindus. Estimates today is that around 5 million Nepalis are now Christian, making it 18% of the country.

Last Easter, ½ million Christians assembled together in Kathmandu for an Easter worship service. In other districts, large gatherings also were present. The massive rallies have no doubt contributed to the backlash by fundamental Hindus.

The RKK is a political party that is pushing for a restoration of the monarchy as well as for making Hinduism the official religion of the country. They especially target Christians, complaining that they do not support RKK candidates for office

The RKK party is the number four political party in Nepal.

New laws have been passed by the new Nepal cabinet to close orphanages as well as youth homes run by Christians. Bible Schools are now required to be registered by the government, but if they are Christian, are being denied registration.

Of special interest to Renaissance Outreach Ministries is the Blessed Bible Institute. While not operated by Renaissance Outreach Ministries, we do support the work of its director, Rev. Mahdav Poudal as well as teach at this school.

Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, president of Renaissance Outreach Ministries, is still planning to return to Nepal this fall. Please keep the Christians in Nepal in prayer as they try to reach an understanding with the newly installed government of Nepal.


Fall Plans Underway:

Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt has been back in USA this summer, doing quite a number of programs about Nepal, Bangladesh as well as promoting the ministry of training pastors and church leaders.

The trips have taken Pastor Jan to Beaver Island, Michigan, South Carolina and Kentucky.

This fall, he will be returning to Nepal and then to Bangladesh in late September for meetings and teaching. In early October, he will be traveling to western Nepal to work with pastors in Mugu and Jumla Districts.

January of 2017 will see Pastor Jan traveling to western Uganda in Africa to train Anglican Priests (Church of Uganda) for one diocese. This will be the first time Pastor Jan has been back to Africa in 10 years.

It is hoped that Renaissance can sponsor another mission trip to Nepal in February of 2017.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers, requesting travel mercies for Pastor Jan and the people he’s working with.


Nepali Coffee for sale:

Over the course of the summer, Renaissance Outreach Ministries has been selling Nepali coffee. The sales have been very good as people are discovering the unique and rich flavor of Nepal coffee.

Renaissance is selling 250 gm bags of ground Nepali coffee for $10 a bag. The profits from the sales go to support travel expenses for Pastor Jan.

2016-17 will involve extensive travel to various places in Nepal, Bangladesh, India as well as the planned January trip in Uganda.

The coffee has been selling well through various churches where Pastor Jan has been speaking. If your church would like to help out and order bags of good coffee to sell, e-mail us at SchoolsofLight@yahoo.com.


New Board Members:

Renaissance Outreach Ministries welcomes Rev. Matthew Carpenter of East Tawas, Michigan and Johnny Burke of Frankenmuth, Michigan to our board of directors.



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