Aug 15

Special Report from Rick, Maricruz, and Danny in Mexico

Dear Friends,

The last two Months have just been amazing. We have had event after event. We also have some special news to share with you. The Lord has opened a door for us to start a Christian Radio Station in Cancun. Our radio program has touched tens of thousands of lives and brought over 3,000 Mayans to the Lord in the last 5 Months. It’s just incredible to see how effective Christian Radio is with the Mayans. Our program is only 3 hours a week and it is touching so many people.

Last Month the Lord asked me if I would start a Radio Station for Him. I said ” I’m listening Lord”. The Lord replied ” I want you to start a Radio Station that will focus on bringing people into Salvation, teach people about acts of Righteousness and teach the Truth of My Gospel. I want this Radio Station to be birthed out of loving relationships you have with others, you will know these relationships by how you pray for them”. Isn’t that beautiful?

We are now in the process of raising the $5,000 needed to purchase the equipment. I Know it only cost $5,000 to get a start up radio station started that will reach all of Cancun and the surrounding Villages. This is completely doable. Think about how many people we touched with only 3 hours a week and imagine how many lives we can impact with a Christian Station that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Last Month we had friends come down from Oregon to minister with us. We had the best time loving on the Mayans together. We feed pizza to 60 children who live in extreme poverty. Pizza was a real treat for them. We had a great time singing to the Lord and playing games with the children.

We had our first youth rally in Cancun. Dozens of teens came and enjoyed a time of worship and ministry. We had a woman’s conference earlier that day. 80 women signed up for it. The ministry time was a little wild. There was lots of deliverance taking place.

We made a day trip out to a couple of Mayan towns. In X-can we visited lots of widows homes and gave them food bags. We had friends prepare a hot meal to feed over a hundred of the towns people. We would stop at the street corners and give bags of candies to hundreds of Mayan children.

We then went to Santa Cruz and did much of the same. We added buying over a ton of corn and let the towns women come and fill bags and buckets full of corn for their daily tortillas. I don’t want to go into too much detail. I am sure our friends will want to share their own stories.

We would like to ask our friends to please pray for us as we raise the money for the radio station. There is lots of work to do.

God Bless

Rick Maricruz and Danny Szymanski

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