Aug 11

Great Story of Grace from Bishop Emmanuel Bawa, TMCI Pastor in Zimbabwe

Number ministered to: 560,

Number saved: 10,

Month of July was relatively quiet, beside our usual church programs.


Praise God,

  1. Dzire is one of the ladies that received money to start Flee Market. The money opened miracles for her and her family; before that she, the husband and their daughter lived a very difficult life failing to pay accommodation rent. Their accommodation debts were going back as far as six months. At one point they were taken to court. God is good, after starting the Flee Market business, a longtime lady friend noticed what she was doing, then the Lord moved her heart to donate to her from her closing down shop. The stock was worth $400. As though it was not enough the following day her husband received a call from his former boss saying he had jewelry worth profit of $2,500 after sale he would pay him back only $500. Testifying to the glory of God, she said now I can pay my rent and have food on the table. This is God.


  1. We thank you for all your prayers for our South Africa Durban Assembly. The church was going through a difficult time. Now the church is stabilized and life has come back again.


Prayer Requests:

We require prayers in the following areas:

Prayer for our Nation-Zimbabwe


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