Aug 11

Darren O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Number ministered to: 200,

Number saved:  1,

We have been very busy. We have 90+ children and it is always an adventure. Our Lord is Faithful and True!

We just had a meeting with about 100 pastors from Masaka District, we were invited to participate. I believe that the Lord is unifying the church here. Praise GOD!!! They are planning a big conference and crusade for December.

I have been getting to minister to other believers and encouraging people to seek a personal relationship with our Lord. And also talking about ministering outside the church buildings wherever they are…

It is so incredibly different here in Africa than the US, please come see us.


The LORD is Faithful and True!!! HalleluYAH!!!

Our chickens have started laying eggs, we got 150+ today and we are praying for 400+ we have 450 chickens. GOD is so good!

We have gotten bids for the construction of the new buildings on the land for the children’s home. HalleluYAH!!!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for my wife’s visa interview on August 30th, we have an appointment at the Embassy in Kampala. We would like to visit the US for a few weeks in late September or early October.

Pray for choosing the right contractor (bid) for building the facility for the children…

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