Aug 08

Critical Need–Orphanages–Richard Wiggins, TMCI Missionary to Nigeria

Number  ministered to 237
Number saved 2

Monthly Report Summary

Report Summary It has been a very busy month. My wife in addition to helping with the orphans and all the arrangements mentioned in the above spent several days teaching and mentoring the senior students at our home church here in Nigeria. She also has been working very hard on newsletters to get sent out to make people aware of what is happening and the needs for this ministry to the IDP persons. In addition to trying to raise support for these people we also mentor and disciple in various groups. awe have to break them in groups and ask some other Nigerians to help because there are so many. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Monthly Report Actions

PRAISES God did send us a man from America the last week of July to evaluate one of the IDP camps (orphanages). He bought food items and toiletries. He has an organization in Atlanta that helps children. He did not make any promises of future help; however, we know his heart was deeply touched by what he witnessed especially when one orphan girl told her story of how she witnessed her parents killed and escaped. Please add this to the prayer request. A lady also donated an old generator, that I was able to repair and give to another orphanage so they can have power and lights. We know God is working we witness it daily. He alone deserves the praise.
Prayer Requests My wife and I are working with several orphanages and IDP persons, internally displaced people ran out of their homes from persecution by the Boko Haram terrorist. This terrorism is on the rise. The economy is very poor here and getting increasingly worse. Many of the orphans are going hungry. The buildings are in need of much repair and some have not even been completed. There are not enough funds coming in to fully help these people. Please pray that God will send provision and others that want to help to get the buildings repaired and finished. We truly need more support to continue, it is overwhelming. Pray that we remain strong and courageous in the Holy Spirit.

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