Jul 18

Glen and Lynne Schweitzer, TMCI Missionaries to Nicaragua

Number ministered to:  3,200;

Number saved:  190;

Our ministry is expanding into other sections of Nicaragua: Boaco, Juigalpa, Tipitapa. We now have six pastors and sixteen churches and evangelism to large groups.


We now have 6 pastors under us and they are making a tremendous impact. Pastor Mariano became a believer 6 years ago when working as a cook for our ministry he was mentored by Pastor Glenn thus leaving the Catholic church where he had also been serving as a priest, and dedicating his life to serving the Lord. He has been in the field ever since as an independent minister and evangelizes in many areas to large groups. He came under our covering recently when we recognized his faithfulness to God’s work and we felt called to invite him to join us. Last month he held a seminar for youth, 5 campaigns to 2000 people, a football championship for Christian youth and a chess championship, 5 presentations of children in the church, ministered to one homosexual who accepted the Lord and 190 individuals gave their lives to the Lord.

We have 16 churches under our covering now.

Prayer Requests:

We are still praying for the Lord to work in our adoption of Emmy this year.

We are praying for her to go into remission this year. She has one more chemotherapy session during the month of July.

We are praying for more people to catch our vision so that we can receive underwriting for the ministry.

We are praying for the finances to do the repairs needed in our buildings.

We are praying for the finances to provide our pastors with a monthly stipend.

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