Jul 14

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa, Zimbabwe

Totals for the Month:

Number  ministered to  510
Number saved 10

Monthly Report Summary:

Report Summary 1. Month of June we continued with Building Fund Rising.
2. Block Bible College went on very well with almost all our students in attendance.
3. Men’s Sunday 12th of June was very successful.
Generally it was a good month.

Monthly Report Actions:

PRAISES: I thank God Juliet and I ministered in a conference to over 1300 people Zambia Ebenezer Pentecostal Assembles of God. The presence of God was so strong, people were healed different Chronicles, some were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke with new tongues and some delivered tormenting evil spirits.
Praise the Lord with the help from Bishop Coulter 4 of our ladies started file markets selling different staff to earning a living for themselves. Among them are two pastors wife.
Prayer Requests: Join us in prayer for the following.
1. For Durban Assembly South Africa members to be strong as they go through challenging times.
2. Our Nation Zimbabwe for peace
3.Waterfalls Building project.


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