Jul 14

Denise Aludo, TMCI Missionary to Kenya

Number ministered to:  50

Number saved:  5


The ladies continue the study titled “Divine Destiny”. Rose & Susan are leading with Joanna attending every other class or a least monthly.


Joanna and Irene continue to meet with the kids at St. Catherine’s teaching on the Two Trees- “The Tree of Life & The Tree of Wounding.” The number of children attending increases all the time and children are giving their life to the Lord!!

Tom Owino started back to college following his mother’s funeral and New Hope will help with finances for his younger brother John so that he can continue his education. Fellow missionaries Les & Twyla Brickman and Joanna Kelley are also helping.

New Life Youth Ministry met to discuss the December Youth Camp and New Hope will again contribute a minimum of $300.


We thank God for how He is touching lives through the bible study being done at St. Catherine’s! We are so grateful for all our teachers; Joanna, Irene, Rose & Susan!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for Twyla Brickman’s mother as she undergos chemo treatments for cancer.

Please pray for Tom Owino and his siblings as they plan for their future. They are now without mother or father.

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