Jul 13

Darren O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Totals for the Month:

Number ministered to: 300;

Getting to share at more conferences and participate in more crusades. We are pursuing building our own compound for our home for the children. Praying for everything to fall into place according to our Lord’s good and perfect will.

Getting more visitors, we invite any that desire to visit us to contact us and we can set it up. Africa will change your paradigm!


Praise GOD!!! We now have 96 children that we are taking care of… the Lord just keeps bringing more for us to care for. And we are being blessed with more visitors from the US.

Faithful and True is our LORD!!!

Prayer Requests

Pray for Shalom over our ministry and our marriage. And for everything to fall into place with the blue prints and the bids for the construction of the compound for the children’s home- Love And Care For All, loveandcareforall.org.

Our Lord is doing so many amazing things!


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