Jun 13

Douglas and Christine Wilson, TMCI Missionaries to Dominican Republic

Douglas and Christine Wilson, TMCI missionaries to Dominican Republic

Totals for the Month

Number ministered to: 100

Monthly Report Summary

Report Summary Classes are winding down at La Vega Christian School and teams are picking up. Doug is still preaching at least once a month. We are finished teaching at the Haitian school program and our English program in Guaco will be finishing up soon.

Monthly Report Actions

PRAISES We have a list of things that need to be taken care of right away. God has made a way for two of those to be done. There are a number of others that need to be accomplished but He is able!
Prayer Requests We are entering a new phase of life. Our daughter will be leaving at the end of the month to stay with her grandmother in the United States and to college in September. Pray for her schooling to be paid for and for her to get a job for a few months when she gets back. Pray also for our finances…we need finances, not only for our daughters school, but for our living expenses. We really need to make a decision if we can stay in the DR or not.

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