Jun 13

Darren O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Darren O’Quinn, TMCI missionary to Uganda,

Totals for the Month:

Number ministered to: 200

Monthly Report Summary

Report Summary Praise GOD!!! WE are in the final stages before starting construction on our new home for the children. We are even going to have rooms for long and short term missionaries, to stay when they want come visit and work with the children.

We continue to get more children from the police and probation department here in Uganda. The Lord continues to provide! We walk by faith not by sight. We believe HIS promises!

Monthly Report Actions

PRAISES We are getting more visitors, it is such a blessing for people to come see what we are doing. Praise GOD!!!
Prayer Requests Please pray for everything to fall into place according to our Lord’s good and perfect will. And for construction to start on our new home for the children.

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