Jun 08

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary to Tasmania

Stephanie Baughman, TMCI Missionary to Tasmania,

Totals for the Month,

Number ministered to  23


Report Summary This month I continued the Good News Club at St. John’s Anglican Church. We were blessed to have a couple of new children coming. Their parents are very anti-Christian, but God did a miracle by allowing them to come. After a lot of prayer, I also got an inroad to start ministering at Riverside Primary, the largest Primary School in Tasmania. I signed a contract to hire the hall at St. David’s to start another Good News Club. Please, please pray for children to come. Also, I continued to build relationships here in Tasmania.

Monthly Report Actions

PRAISES Getting to have an open door to minister in the largest primary school in Tasmania!
Prayer Requests Parents to allow children to come to Good News Club at St. David’s Anglican Church.


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