Jun 02

Report from Rick, Maricruz and Danny in Mexico

Dear Friends,

It’s been 2 Months since my last report. We are so happy to report approximately 900 Mayans have received the Lord in this 2 Month period. It’s hard to give a detailed account when we have our larger crusades. So many things are happening to hundreds of people. I would love to hear all the testimonies.

Our children’s day event was lots of fun. It looked like 2000 people came to the event. Maricruz was able to get the radio station to join us for the children’s day out reach. We played games,sang to the Lord, had clowns, Children’s zumba, gave toys and candies to the children and fed them hot dogs. The best part is when Maricruz shared the Love of God with them and hundreds of children and parents received Jesus.

We went to the Mayan town of Santa Cruz and ministered there for Mothers day. We started with the children. We sang to the Lord and played games. We gave lots of candy and balloons to the children. We then prayed for them and a couple of the children received Jesus. We then went into the church and ministered to the women. Many of the ladies received a physical healing and others a emotional healing. Jesus was Good to meet the needs of the individual.

We had 2 other Mothers Day events. Maricruz ministered to 30 women who listen to her radio program. They got together for dinner in a local restaurant. The Holy Spirit showed up and healed many wounded hearts. We then had a Mothers Day tea at our house. It was for mothers who just received the Lord the previous week. It went very well and has turned into a weekly Bible study for new believers.

Our son Danny had a meeting for his school friends. 5 of his friends received Jesus in this meeting. As a result of this meeting 2 of the mothers received Jesus. We now have youth meetings once a week.

Missions in Mexico is never easy. The Immigration department took my Visa away. I had to leave the Country and return as a tourist. We are now working on getting a new Visa. We could use prayer for this.

God Bless

Rick, Maricruz and Danny

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