May 16

Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer, TMCI Missionaries to Nicaragua

Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer, TMCI missionaries to Nicaragua;

Number ministered to: 1,600;

  1. We now have 12 churches under our covering in Nicaragua.

  2. We will be initiating a church in Pennsylvania shortly.

  3. We are preparing both Quinta Esperanza and Casa Mateo as Retreat Centers.

  4. Pastors Glenn and Lynne are in Indiantown, Florida until June 7th. If you want to contact them their e-mail is: mateo516ministry@yahoo.com.


  1. Praise God that VA is going to perform cataract surgery on Pastor Glenn imminently.

  2. Praise God for another wonderful anniversary and birthday this month.

  3. Praise God that His kingdom is moving forward and His glory shall reign.

  4. Praise God that we are able to be here in Florida for a month and that our friends made a way for us to ensure Emmy’s medications and care while we are gone.

  5. Praise God that Pastor Glenn receives medical care from VA and that he always receives good care from VA.

  6. Praise God that when Pastor Lynne fell two weeks ago she only hurt herself but no bones were broken.

  7. Praise God that all our pastors are working together in unity and that Pastor Yolanda is such a blessing to whoever she ministers to in Pennsylvania.

Prayer Requests

  1. Physical healing for us, our pastors, friends and family.

  2. Greater spiritual growth both individually and corporately.

  3. For the world to see us as God sees us and kingdom people to jump on this kingdom work and to help it grow in all ways.

  4. Pray for Pastor Yolanda who is starting a new church, New Dawn Church, under our ministry in Pennsylvania. It is our first church in the U.S.

  5. Pray for the country of Nicaragua and its people and churches.

  6. Pray for our churches in Nicaragua that they seek the glory of our King.

  7. Pray for II Chronicles 7:14 to be prayed over our ministry, our nation and the United States.

  8. Pray Matthew 6:33 over all of God’s people that they may see it and follow it.

  9. Pray blessings, praise, honor and glory over TMCI and the work that they are doing.

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