May 16

Special Announcement, Darrin O’Quinn, TMCI Missionary to Uganda

Darrin O’Quinn, TMCI missionary to Uganda;

Number ministered to:  200;

Our Lord is so wonderful; Life is truly abundant in Christ;

April 16, the Lead Pastor of the church I attend in the US arrived to visit us here in Uganda. The same day my first born son, James Darren O’Quinn arrived. GOD is so good!

We got spend almost two weeks fellow-shipping and talking about our vision for our children’s home: Love and Care For All, here in Uganda. It was such a Blessing to get to fellow-ship and truly awesome to be encouraged by my brothers!

We have the land to build our own home, just surveyed it and placing the marker stones. Praise GOD!!! We have had the blue prints drawn up and good Lord willing we will be building in the next few months.


My first born son James Darren O’Quinn was born April 16 2016, truly a HalleluYAH moment.

We have a fully qualified nurse coming by to examine the children on a weekly basis and we have a stock of medications. It is amazing. It really is a big thing we have 76 children right now. Truly a Blessing!!!

We have the land to build the future home of Love and Care For All!  HalleluYAH!!!

Had two of my brothers from California the lead Pastor and Associate Pastor come visit us in April, the same day the lead Pastor arrived so did my first born son, James Darren O’Quinn. He will be a month old Monday the 16th. He is so fearfully and wonderfully made, I cannot express in words how I love him. And ABBA loves us all the same… It is so incredible!!!

HalleluYAH!!! Wabale Yesu!!! (Thank you JESUS!!! in Lugonda)

Prayer Requests

You can pray for continued favor, the Lord is good to us here in Uganda. So many good things happening…

Personal finances need funds to pay bills in the US. Trying to sell my car to end that bill. And the insurance… Everything goes into these kids. Love them so much.

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