May 10

Denise Aludo, TMCI Missionary to Kenya

Number ministered to:  50;

Number saved:  2;


We held a leaders’ team meeting to review and prepare for the May-July study titled “Divine Destiny”. The study will be led by Rose & Susan, with Joanna attending every other class or a least monthly. The study has been divided into 5 sessions as follows:

  • Session 1: Discovering Divine Destiny
  • Session 2: Knowing God’s Will
  • Session 3: How God Leads us Into Destiny
  • Session 4: Sabotaging Divine Destiny
  • Session 5: Destiny and Warfare


Rose & Susan will be using the homework/discussion style format. This style of study is proving very effective and during the last teaching we all agreed the ladies were more engaged & participatory.


Joanna and Irene met with the kids at St. Catherine’s to continue the teaching Twyla started at the beginning of April on the Two Trees- “The Tree of Life & The Tree of Wounding.” On April 30th the kids were able to summarize all they’d learned and gave some good feedback. Lavender, one of the older girls, is very bright and always has good thoughts to share. She spoke of how the Tree of Life bears good fruit, and that is how God wants us to live. She went on to add that if that was how everyone lived today the world would be a very good place indeed! There was also good discussion about the meaning and application of “reverence” in our relationship with God and how having true reverence for God manifest in our lives.


  • On the 17th Joanna visited Bevaline Ombewa at her new apartment. Bevaline has been affiliated with New Hope (previously CML) through the Discipleship Program from 2007 when she was a student up-county. In 2010 Bev completed high school and moved to Nairobi. She now works for a faith based women’s ministry in Nairobi and has been instrumental in helping form the New Life Youth Ministry. We celebrate Bev’s continued success and the blessing of her new home!
  • Joanna is now hosting the ECL (Exploring Community Life) classes for Life Community Church. This month session included: Conflict Resolution & Building Healthy Relationships in Our Families. On average there are 10 people attending and ministry is occurring weekly.


  • We thank God for His provision in Beveline Ombewa’s life and for her new apartment.
  • We thank God for the insight and wisdom He is giving the youth at St. Catherine’s and for how His love is changing their hearts and lives!
  • We praise God for Twylas safe travel to the US.


Prayer Requests:

  • Continue to pray for the family of Susan Adhiambo following her death. Decisions are being made by her eldest son Tom in regards to the care and schooling of his 2 brothers & 1 sister.

• Pray for fellow missionary Twyla Brickmans mother who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is undergoing radiation therapy. Twyla has gone to stay with her.

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