May 05

Ministry and Prayer Needs for Grace Christian Outreach Ministries, Kevin Rosendahl

Rev. Kevin, Sylvia and Joshua Rosendahl,
Grace Christian Outreach Ministries,

While our ministry groups were here, satan
was attacking in every area of the ministry, the family
and our personal lives. Not only did our ministry
finances drop off greatly but Sylvia and Joshua both had
run-ins with bats and had to get rabies shots for the

second time each. Sylvia also began to have blood in her
urine, had incredible pain behind her ribcage and
developed a large lump under her arm. All of these had
to be examined thoroughly. As of now the lump is gone
from under her arm, the pain behind her ribcage has
decreased greatly but the blood is back in her urine.
Please pray for God’s healing touch on every part of
Sylvia’s body. Thankfully, the ministry finances have
improved the last few weeks but please continue
praying for God to continue to help us in this area as

Ministry Needs:

– Increase in prayer and financial supporters

– Collator and booklet maker for printing press and

cutter that will be shipped to Chiapas, Mexico to

produce Gospel tracts and children’s booklets for

pastors to distribute. (Cost-$2000 total for good used

collator and booklet maker)

– For God to provide the necessary people to assist

GCOM at the Nuevo Laredo mission base.

Increased monthly missionary support to get us to full

support. GCOM is short of full funding by $2,500


Prayer Needs:

– For total healing of Sylvia’s body

– For abundant provision for GCOM

– For God’s clear guidance for every decision we need to

make for the ministry and family

– For God’s provision of laborers to help GCOM in the

areas that need help – someone to head up Nuevo

Laredo missionary base and possibly someone to head

up DR missionary base, and someone to help out with

administrative duties

– For Joshua to have a good attitude towards school,

that he would work hard and that he would do well

– For God to lead Joshua as to what He would have

Joshua do after high school as he will be a sophomore

next year

– For God to continually open doors for the ministry and

for each of us personally

– For protection for us and for our two little dogs.

Grace Christian Outreach Ministries

205 Wildwood Avenue Madison, MN 56256


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