Apr 15

Lonnie Davis-TMCI Missionary to Canada

Lonnie Davis-TMCI missionary to Canada;

Number ministered to: 85;

CNMM York Region held a breakfast event for 70 pastors/mission leaders. The goal was to highlight the need for the churches of Canada to become active in reaching out to the ever growing Muslim community, and to introduce the Bridges course as tool in making this happen in their church. We had a guest speaker, Greg Sinclair of the Reformed Churches of Canada, and a panel of experts to address questions from the audience, of which I was one of the panel participants. Although we only had 12 pastors signed up for the event just 10 before it was scheduled, the Lord brought many more to the event and we were packed to capacity re the venue in which it was held.

We were encouraged to see the positive response of the pastors/mission leaders and are praying that God will multiply our efforts in bringing many Muslims to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I also attended a two day CNMM leadership retreat that was held just an hour from our home at one of the local churches retreat centers. It was a wonderful and fulfilling time of prayer, fellowship, networking, sharing of outreach methods, etc. A representative from the TIM Center, which is an affiliate of the Tyndale Seminary-Toronto, introduced a new survey/study project that they are conducting in regards to the needs of Muslims in Canada, what has worked in reaching them with the Gospel, the pitfalls, lacks of the churches, etc. Their hope is that the study will help to highlight the need for ministry to Muslims and be instructive to the churches throughout Canada.


For the successes that our almighty God has brought in ministry to Muslims.

For the receptivity of the churches in the greater Toronto area to ministry to Muslims.

For the success of the CNMM breakfast event–all glory to our almighty God for blessing our efforts.

Prayer Requests

For the ongoing follow-up with the pastors/mission leaders that attended the CNMM breakfast event. That they will actively promote the Bridges course in their churches and be proponents of reaching out to the Muslim community.

For Muslims in North America to come to Christ–that the Lord will use us to reach them with the Gospel, and that by lifting Him up, many will be drawn to His saving love.

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