Apr 08

Doug and Chris Wilson, TMCI Missionaries in Dominican Republic

Number ministered to: 100

We are continuing with our monthly missionary activities. Doug continues to preach monthly and is gearing up for summer teams. Chris continues with teaching and we both continue our teaching of Haitian children once a week and a Dominican English class once a week.


God is really working in the hearts of the kids Chris ministers with. They are asking questions. The Lord continues to take care of us and provide. Sometimes this is day by day but He is able and it really is faith building (but hard). Pray for increase in this area

Prayer Requests

Please pray for wisdom in this season. There is a lot of transition going on and we need to be able to sense where the wind is blowing. Also pray for our daughter as she is coming up on a huge transition in the next 5 or 6 months. Also please continue to pray for the kids at La Vega Christian School, that they would be drawn to the Lord.

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