Apr 04

Wonderful Update from Mexico– Many Salvations and Healings–Rick, Maricruz and Danny

Dear Friends,

We are so happy to share this Missions update with you. We hope it encourages you. Maricruz and I have posted on Facebook lots of videos and photos of our events because we know seeing is believing for many people. Where to start sharing all the great things that the Lord has done is difficult. Since our last Missions report nearly 700 Mayans have received the Lord. Hundreds of Mayans heard the Good News on our new Radio Program in Cancun and hundreds more received the Lord through our Events.

2 Months ago the Lord opened a door for us to minister to Cancun through a new Christian Radio Station. We have a program that airs for an hour on Mondays and Fridays. We get lots of people calling in who received healing, the Baptism of the holy Spirit or received the Lord as they pray with us over the Radio. Over 500 people have received the Lord through our Radio ministry in the past 2 Months.

Our program only cost $100 a Month. We were just given the opportunity to have our Program daily. In order to expand the Program we will need to have someone sponsor $100 a Month for the extended hours. If You would like to share in this Radio Ministry please send me an E-mail and we can talk.

We held a Youth event this past Month. In was such a wonderful event. Nearly 40 Young Adults came to the Alter to ask Jesus to forgive their sins and accepted Him in their hearts as Lord. We spent half the day praying for the Youth. Dozens of them were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Many hearts were healed by the Fathers Great Love.

We spent several Months preparing for the March of Glory and our Healing Crusade that was last week. The events were amazing to say the least. We gathered many churches to participate in this Years March of Glory. Most of the Christians who marched were dressed in white. Some were dressed as clowns to make the march fun for the kids watching along the street we marched on. We posted videos of this on Facebook. People were giving candy to the kids and ministry tracks to every one along the road. We ended our 2 mile march in the City Central Park.

When we entered the Park we had the Cities main road blocked off with our platform and chairs. We immediately went into a long worship time. People were dancing and having a good time praising the Lord. Dozens of tourist from all around the World joined in the worship and dancing. One man from Italy received the Lord when we prayed for him and God healed his deaf ear.

After the worship Maricruz preached the Love of God to the crowd. Mari gave an alter call for people to come and receive Jesus. It was so fun to watch as people began to race to the front of the stage to receive Jesus. The Holy Spirit showed up when we and our ministry team began to minister to the people in the crowed front. The crowd of Mayans not only received the Lord but the Baptism of the Holt Spirit as well.

After this ministry time Maricruz got back up on the stage and talked about Jesus and how He wants to heal them of their sickness and problems. We then called all the sick people to the front. Once again a large crowd of Mayans rushed the front to get healed. God did not disappoint them. That night and the next day hundreds of people were healed in Jesus Name. One man for many years was paralyzed from his head down. When we prayed for Him he 5 times felt electricity flow down from his neck into his body. In a matter of seconds he began to move his head then his shoulders and arms. He started to move his feet and then his legs. In just a few minutes we helped him to his feet and he began to dance to the mariachi music. We posted a video of this on Facebook to show the Glory of God moving among the Mayans in Mexico. It would take me all day to share all the healing that took place with you.

We have been working hard to advance the Kingdom of God among the Mayans. The Mayans all testify they have never seen any thing like this in the history of their people. Please join us in prayer as we seek the Lord of the Harvest to continue the spreed of the Good News to the entire Mayan World.

With much Love

Rick Maricruz and Danny Szymanski

P.S. May 21-22 I will be ministering in Bakersfield,CA. If any one would like to attend the meetings please let me know and I will get you the info.

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