Mar 24

Arlen Reitz, TMCI Missionary to Guatemala

Arlen Reitz, TMCI Missionary to Guatemala

Totals for February

Number ministered to: 40

Salvations:  1

Report Summary

Our Ladies meeting was on the 17th of February. We had our tea, sweet bread, and gave all the ladies a gift bag with shampoo, talc powder, deodorant, and some chocolate. We had a gift bag for the children too, but the focus was on the women. I gave a message on God’s Love and How Valuable is His Gift (Jesus) to Us. The Lord has instructed me to teach the women how to pray, but also to teach them how much He loves them. It was a good meeting, we didn’t have as many children because they are in school now. They started back in the middle of January. But we had a good turnout and the women really liked and listened well to the message. We had a really difficult time getting to the location of the meeting as the road was all tore up and we had to take a detour. The Holy Spirit prepared me to ask Marvin my driver to take care of the trip out into the country this time. We went in my Suburban which was good because it is powerful to get through some of the toughest places, but the size almost cost us. The road (cow path) was narrow and up high and we had to maneuver through some really tight places. Marvin is the best. I probably could have driven because I have had to so many times before, but I would have been worn out upon arrival. I am so glad the Holy Spirit reminded me to not try driving that far out without help like Marvin. God is faithful. He got us there and He got us home all in one piece and in His peace. The meeting was a very good one and this group of women are so appreciative of everything we do for them or give them. Keeps me stirred to keep going and keep doing! I am on a Sabbatical, so I am only doing the Ladies Tea once a month, and an occasional women’s ministry as the Lord opens a door. But I must obey and not go beyond where He is leading. Part of my physical struggle is because I procrastinated in this area last year. Love in Jesus.


Thanking the Lord for the way He works in my life, teaching and instructing me and always ready to encourage me through His Word and through others in the ministry. So thankful for His love and His patience.

Prayer Requests

I need prayer for my physical well being. Please stand with me as I know the Lord is my healer and I am standing on His Word. I am on a Sabbatical and intend to use this time to let the Lord refresh me and rejuvenate me.

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