Mar 09

Update from Jan Beaderstadt, Renaissance Outreach Ministries, Nepal and Bangladesh

New series of Pastoral Training begins in March
Renaissance Outreach Ministries has announced a new series of pastoral training seminars for Spring of 2016. These seminars will be focusing on how local ministries in developing nations can develop their financial support.
“Many missions in South Asia are in need of serious training in order to be able to develop sound financial footings,” noted Rev. Jan L. Beaderstadt, president of Renaissance Outreach Ministries. “Most of the local missions and ministries have no idea about accountability, promotion, bookkeeping as well as transparency which is necessary in order to attract foreign donors.”
The seminars will be composed initially of one day workshops. Several are being currently scheduled in March in Nepal while a number are now being made available for Bangladesh in April.
The focus of the seminars will also be accompanied by a new book by Rev. Beaderstadt. Titled, How to Attract Support for Your Ministry, it is an easy to read workbook that explains just how to go about making your ministry donor friendly while providing for accountability.
“We receive requests all the time for financial support, “noted Beaderstadt. “Sadly, most local ministries in South Asia are unable to present themselves well because they do not understand how to develop a written plan of action. They also don’t know how to be accountable. It is not that they can’t, they just don’t know how to do it.”
So far, ministries are requesting presentations and the schedule is being developed. Those ministries interested in hosting a seminar should contact Rev. Beaderstadt at SchoolsofLight@yahoo.com

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