Feb 10

Critical Prayer Request from Christopher and Larena Johnston, TMCI Missionaries to Ireland

Christopher and Larena Johnston, TMCI Missionaries to Ireland
Number ministered to: 30

Monthly Report Summary

We’ve been continuing our work with the youth and young adults. We had our first leaders meeting, and many of the leaders are interested in learning more about taking over other roles.

We have completed our year end tax exemption letters, and also our yearly budget, and this year is the least we’ve had to raise since coming to the field! Praise God!!

We are seeing the youth grow in their walk, and we’ve set the vision for 2016. Our goal this year is to have more one on one hang times with the youth/young adult leaders, taking them out for lunch or coffee to connect and disciple them on a deeper level.

We are excited to see what 2016 has in store, and we are praying for the Lord to open the doors for us to stay, and we believe in our hearts, this is His will!


We have seen the favor of God open up to us while we’ve been seeking a way to continue this work. One of the Elders of our church, knows someone who is a personal friend of the minister of justice. This is favor, as she is willing to send in a recommendation for us to the minister!
Also, we’ve seen the youth grow this past month! We have 3 new students that have joined our youth group—and 2 of them do not know Jesus. Please pray we share the Gospel in such a way that the seed takes root in their heart and we are able to disciple them into a relationship with Jesus! Please God!

Prayer Requests

Please pray as we’ve sent in our request for a new Minister of Religion visa starting in March, for 3 years. We’ve sent it directly to the Minister of Justice, and we are praying she will grant us favor to continue this work here. We covet your prayers!!

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